A Foodie’s Tour of West Soho

A Foodie’s Tour of West Soho

The culinary world in and around SoHo has been robust for some time, but recent expansion and refinement have cemented its stature as a foodie wonderland. Within just a short walk from the new luxury apartments at 70 Charlton, one can find oneself with imbibing options of a staggering variety. Due to 70 Charlton’s location, it is not limited by a single neighborhood’s culinary leanings—indeed, it pulls from SoHo, Hudson Square, and the West Village. So let’s explore a day from sunrise to sunset, from morning coffee to post-dessert cocktails:

Coffee at La Colombe

75 Vandam St.  |  7:30am-6:30pm Mon-Fri  |  8:30am-6:30pm Sat & Sun

A short three-minute stroll from 70 Charlton, right past Just Salad and the Kate Werble Gallery, will take you to a delightful haven de java: La Colombe. Delicious cappuccino, fresh and well-prepared coffee and espresso, an array of teas, and a flat-out phenomenal iced latte make La Colombe an ideal stop for satiating that morning craving and starting any day off right.




Francois Payard Bakery

116 West Houston St.  |  7:00am-8:00pm Mon-Sat | 9:00am-8:00pm Sun 

There is no better way to follow up a delectable cup of coffee than with its flour-based soulmate: the pastry. A brief but lively nine-minute stroll past City Winery and SoHo 

Playhouse from La Colombe or a mere seven-minute walk from 70 Charlton, and you’ll hit the incomparable Francois Payard Bakery. Legendary French pastry chef Francois Payard really hit the mark with this cozy West Village location. The macaroons are some of the best in the city, with the pistachio and raspberry flavors leading the way. And in keeping with these flavors, the bakery’s most famous offering is their chilled twist on a classic: the pistachio raspberry macaroon ice cream sandwich, which is unlike anything you have ever tasted.

The Dutch

131 Sullivan St.  |  11:30am-3:00pm Mon-Fri  |  5:30pm-11:00pm Sun-Wed |  5:30pm- 12:00am Thurs-Sat

Head around the block from Francois Payard Bakery and land at the newest venture from famed NYC chef and restaurateur Andrew Carmellini: The Dutch. Only a five-minute walk from 70 Charlton, The Dutch is the perfect stop for brunch. Try their Shrimp and Kimchi Fried Rice for a unique and vibrant flavor profile, their widely popular Cheddar Burger, or their Poached Eggs for a well-executed, protein-packed classic. 

Blue Ribbon Sushi

97 Sullivan St.  |  12:00pm-2:00am Mon-Sun

A few doors down from The Dutch, just past the Italian sandwich shop Alidoro—and a mere five minutes from 70 Charlton—is Blue Ribbon Sushi, an ideal stop for a light lunch. Blue Ribbon has been serving extremely fresh and well-prepared sushi on Sullivan Street for over a decade now. Their miso soup is a must-try, and their rolls are intricate and delicious, but the real star of their menu is their sushi over rice. The rice is warm and complements the fish perfectly.

Blue Hill

75 Washington Pl. |  5:00pm-11:00pm Mon-Sun

A ten minute walk from both Blue Ribbon Sushi and 70 Charlton, past the peanut butter wonderland known as Peanut Butter & Co., is one of the most intriguing restaurants in all of Manhattan: Blue Hill. Dan Barber, Blue Hill’s Executive Chef and co-owner, aimed to open a restaurant dedicated to serving dishes made from only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Barber even went to the lengths of having a Cornell agriculture professor design the perfect squash—named “898 squash” exclusively for his restaurants. The Sweet Peas, the Halibut, and the Gnocchi dishes are all fine choices, as Barber’s refined technique and respect for his ingredients really shine through. Blue Hill was recently featured in the hit documentary series Chef’s Table and has cultivated quite a following throughout NYC and beyond.  

Little Branch

20 7th Ave. South  |  7:00pm-3:00am Mon-Sun

Polish off a day of foodie adventures by heading to Little Branch for a cocktail or two. Less than a ten-minute walk from both 70 Charlton and Blue Hill, Little Branch ‒ the third bar opened by cocktail connoisseur Sasha Petraske ‒ has a warm, cozy, speak-easy vibe that suits its incredibly well-made cocktails. Try the Queens Park Swizzle for a refreshing yet tart experience, the Pisco Sour for a vibrant bouquet of flavors, or their Negroni for a well-crafted classic.