The Best Ice Cream near 70 Charlton

The Best Ice Cream near 70 Charlton

Summer has well and truly arrived in New York, which means one thing for people who love sweet treats. From gourmands to school kids, everyone looks forward to ice cream season, and the area around 70 Charlton is host to artful, gourmet interpretations that will please any palate. As the heat hangs around, be sure to give each of these spots a try while you explore SoHo.


Magnum Pop-Up Shop | 134 Prince Street

Most people love the classic Magnum ice cream bar, but the experience only becomes truly magical when you get to design your own, which is exactly what you can (and should) do at this fun and luxurious pop-up shop that is only in town until August 7th. Select a vanilla or chocolate ice cream base, then have it slathered in any combination of three ingredients including goji berries, sea salt, and even rose petals! We recommend mixing some heat with the cold and going all out for the chili flakes and chocolate.  


Popbar | 5 Carmine Street

One of the most chic ice cream bars in Manhattan, Popbar serves designer gelato on a stick. Treat yourself to a single flavor such as dulce de leche, or dip your gelato base into a second layer of goodness—how about coffee dipped in premium dark chocolate? The fun doesn't stop there; Popbar also stocks the likes of blood orange sorbet and strawberry frozen yogurt—all served on a stick, naturally. 


Victory Garden | 31 Carmine Street

You won't be gruff after a visit to Victory Garden, where they specialize in ice cream made with quality goat milk. This stuff is lower in fat than cow's milk but has just as much nutrition and is rich in healthy antimicrobial fatty acids (which we presume means you can eat much more of it). And Victory Garden really comes into its own with its myriad zany flavors; where else will you find Coachella date gelato, apricot lavender, chestnut, thyme, olive oil & honey, and even frankincense varieties (because apparently ice cream is for Christmas too)? The menu is no gimmick, though, and once you've tasted one option, you'll want to work your way through their freezers.


The Van Leeuwen Truck | Prince & Greene Streets

Before the proliferation of artisanal kimchi tacos and miniature donuts, the only food most of us felt good about buying from a truck was ice cream. And while the food trucks’ hot dishes may be all the rage right now, they still can’t beat an ice cream truck. Van Leeuwen’s trucks often make appearances in SoHo, scooping vegan and traditional dairy deliciousness in flavors that include Earl Grey tea, honeycomb, and special batches that you’ll never find anywhere else. Case in point: pine ice cream with cornbread and red currant swirl.


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