Creating Your Own Urban Oasis

Creating Your Own Urban Oasis

Windowsill Gardens

A windowsill garden is a great way to bring some vibrance and nature (not to mention fresh herbs and vegetables!) into your home. They don’t take up too much space, require only a small amount of soil, and are easy to maintain. More importantly, a window box is customizable. Smaller spaces are typically better suited for herb gardens, while larger ones can handle small fruits and vegetables. Individual pots allow you to mix and match sizes and shapes, while box planters take on a more cohesive, orderly appearance. Some fresh basil snipped from a plant will liven up any meal, too, while mint will give you refreshing tea in moments. We particularly love adding herbs to lemonade for a hint of color and an even brighter flavor.


Indoor Plants

Not only do indoor plants brighten up a space, but certain varieties, such as golden pothos, chrysanthemums, purple waffle plants, gerbera daisies, English ivy, weeping figs, and aloe vera have been shown to improve the overall air quality by absorbing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Adding a few plants to a room can really illuminate an interior and create a calming and serene atmosphere. Floor plants make the largest statement, or, if you can’t spare the space, a couple of planters hung at different heights will really make an impact too. And, if you’re feeling industrious, there are some wonderful DIY options out there as well.


Fresh Flowers

For a quick infusion of biological beauty, an arrangement of fresh flowers can’t be beat. In a more modern and minimalist apartment, a brilliant orchid provides an eye-catching burst of color, while remaining sleek and contemporary. In a more traditional space, a carefully placed assortment of calla lilies or daisies can serve to accent colors and shades while acting as the focal point of a kitchen or dining room. And don’t forget the greens. Sometimes a simple mason jar filled with gorgeous foliage is all you need to remind you of what’s outside.
It’s almost impossible to go wrong when you bring the natural world into your home. From terra-cotta flower pots, to sleek glass tubes containing a single daffodil, to wildly overgrown hanging planters, to manicured herb boxes, to a classic vase full of red roses, there are as many ways to integrate the natural world into your personal space as there are types of plant. With so many options, the only way to find out your favorite one is to try them all. If you need help getting started, you can start at local shops such as Plantworks and Floratech, down the street from 70 Charlton.
Check out the greenery to be found at 70 Charlton, and start planning your natural paradise!
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