The Audiophile’s Paradise

The Audiophile’s Paradise

Though 70 Charlton’s luxury residences offer a serene retreat befitting West SoHo, sometimes you’ll want to up the decibels in your home with your favorite New York-inspired playlist or your own impromptu renditions of Sinatra or Streisand. Fortunately, 70 Charlton’s neighborhood is an audiophile’s paradise; guitar heroes of all levels and record enthusiasts of all musical persuasions will appreciate the audio options in and near West SoHo.
Here’s a sampling:

Sonos | 101 Greene Street

Over the last decade, Sonos has been at the forefront of the wireless speakers’ revolution, with its top-of-the-line, app-controlled home audio systems. At the new Sonos flagship store on Greene Street—with sleek, minimalist white walls and hard-framed listening rooms that look like little houses—you can purchase a speaker for the bedroom or a system that will have your entire home wired (or unwired, as the case may be). Even if you don’t feel like making a purchase, the shopping experience is truly a feat of aural engineering, designed in part by Giles Martin (son of George Martin, also known as the Fifth Beatle). The space itself is designed to feel like home, and is almost as luxurious and contemporary as yours at 70 Charlton.

Rudy’s Music | 461 Broome Street

Meet dozens of Rudy Pensa’s “girlfriends” at this guitar mecca. “Girlfriend” is what this old-school guitar salesperson calls all of the guitars he sells in his beautiful SoHo store on a cobblestone street. Originally located on 48th Street, the shop has been serving musicians, from first timers to Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers, for almost 40 years. Channel your inner Eric Clapton or Mark Knopfler (who has designed Pensa guitars with Rudy), as you test handsomely crafted guitars stored behind velvet rope—just like rock royalty.

In Living Stereo | 2 Great Jones Street

Before iTunes and Spotify and the era of flimsy cassette tapes and scratchy CDs, there were records, those precious vinyl discs that offered still unparalleled audio quality. There’s nothing like the scratch and pop of a needle on your favorite record to make you really feel the music. In Living Stereo is a testament to the longevity of vinyl and its recent resurgence. This SoHo stereo-and-record store stocks everything from high-end television speakers and new record players to vintage albums. You’re no longer relegated to listening to stoop-sale finds or your parent’s vintage sleeves; artists like Adele and Gwen Stefani are now pressing their tracks on these nostalgic discs, so that you can spin them on a sparkling new record player too.

Stereo Exchange | 627 Broadway

If you want to experience the sonic intricacies of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors—or whatever helps you power through your morning workout—Stereo Exchange will expertly outfit you with the appropriate pair of hi-fi or Beyerdynamic “cans” (headphones in laymen’s terms). This audio outpost is iconic not only for its red-neon-lit window but for providing the neighborhood with quality audio equipment for three decades.


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