Patricia Fisher

Patricia Fisher is known for creating serene and sophisticated interiors, where soft color provides an elegant, neutral backdrop for cherished collections, architectural details, and spectacular views. With Fisher’s signature palette of silvery grays and light blues, a pop of vivid color—in the form of fresh flowers or an eye-catching work of art—is apt to give each room a well-honed sense of balance. Given her professional background in the art world, where Fisher was a gallerist before establishing her design firm in 1996, it makes perfect sense that she’s especially adept at integrating art and interiors.

Fisher has a great deal of experience designing luxury residences in New York City and the east end of Long Island, where she is a frequent participant in the Hampton Designer Show House. Out east, when she is designing beach homes with a classic cottage feel, or in Manhattan, where she makes use of luxurious finishes and more subdued colors, Fisher’s choices reflect a deep understanding of local history and context. All of this makes her aesthetic point of view a perfect fit for the model apartment at the 70 Charlton condos, where savvy Downtown New Yorkers will make their homes, surrounded by stylish neighbors, historic buildings, and cutting-edge galleries. The SoHo apartments for sale here are anything but ordinary, and Fisher’s interpretation offers a real-life idea board that’s full of great options.

In the master bedroom, Fisher has combined silver, gray, and black with crisp white linens to create a space that’s warm and inviting without being frilly. Taking advantage of the copious natural light, Fisher has made the second bedroom bright, via the white walls and the twin beds upholstered with a cheerful green and yellow fabric. A cozy shearling ottoman and a classic decorative mirror add feminine touches to this inviting space. The master bathroom is a study in contrasts, with a charcoal-gray stone accent wall next to the tub, and light colored tile covering the other surfaces. A separate shower stall adds space and privacy. In another bathroom, the shower is surrounded by a rich copper-colored tile wall with a textured surface.

The kitchen, which has plenty of room for casual entertaining, is as stylish as it is functional, clad in glossy bright white with sleek and geometric fixtures. It opens onto a light-filled dining room, where Fisher showcases a midcentury-style brass chandelier with glass globes, perched above a contemporary dining table. Just beyond the dining area, a comfortable living space overlooks a large window, the shape of which echoes the large format works on canvas that add vivid color to the light gray walls. In the evenings, the living room is lit from above with a spectacular fixture that mimics the shape of a small flowering tree, while windows on two sides flood the space with light during the day. Chic white and gray furniture provides neutral surfaces for colorful flowers and objects. Like a classic canvas on which to personalize a space, Fisher’s design offers residents of 70 Charlton enticing possibilities and inspiration to make their luxury residences as distinctive, stylish, and unique as they are.