Edda Elias: Crafting a Model Apartment

Edda Elias: Crafting a Model Apartment

In her work as an interior designer, Edda Elias thinks like an artist experimenting in the studio. Rather than cloaking each of her projects with a preconceived set of tastes, Elias connects deeply to the client and the space. Drawing on her years of expertise and deploying a careful eye, Elias has recently unveiled a new model apartment at 70 Charlton in New York’s eclectic West SoHo neighborhood.

Elias’s knowledge and understanding of art and architecture give her designs an elasticity in which everything stretches and moves together in a seamless way that feels “just right.” In an interview with New York Spaces, Elias said, "You don't gain appreciation by repeating your period or playing it safe. The best jolt and impact comes from creating a bit of chaos—by mixing architectural elements and furnishings from different periods and styles.”

In every room of the model apartment at 70 Charlton, Elias treats the large, light-streaming windows as another design element. She punctuates the living room with a cream-colored chair that absorbs the sunlight and adds gold, ever-so-subtly shimmering coffee tables that enhance the room’s brightness and make it glow.

In the bedroom, Elias plays with light from the window by strategically placing a mirror to catch the sun’s rays and create a doubling effect on the interior. Elias opts for neutral tones of muted gray to highlight the texture of a shaggy blanket, which gives the clean and urbane lines of the room a touch of nature, like a small hint of a fireside in a northern wilderness. The effect is just enough rustic edge to infuse the luxurious modern lines with a sense of layered time, place, and breadth.

Textures also reflect light and are juxtaposed and contrasted in the five-fixture bathroom, where Elias arranges stone tiles at perpendicular angles from wall to wall, to provide variation and character to the calmingly consistent and gray color palette. Her balance of the pastoral and the modern can be seen in details throughout the space, like the side table by the entrance that looks like a section of a tree trunk dipped in silver. This statement piece combines the elegance of the metallic sheen with a nod to the forest and provides another glimmer of interior light that chimes with the gold sheen of the coffee tables.

The West SoHo apartments for sale at 70 Charlton already embody a mix of playfulness, livability, and luxury, and Elias’s model residence shows how close they all are to becoming carefully crafted works of art.