Residence Spotlight: 15A

Living in one of the luxury apartments in SoHo New York, you can feel the neighborhood’s joie de vivre that floats in the air like the silage of a fine perfume or the sound of a sax riff from a long-forgotten jazz tune. Here, the streets south of Houston evoke an urbane and elegant playfulness. Even its breathy-sounding name—“SoHo”—conjures quintessential New York magic: the young actress skipping over the glistening cobblestone streets after a sun shower, photographers in street-side cafes dining on world-class food and laughing as the sun sets over the Hudson, or the fashion editor dressed effortlessly in all black as she struts down the street after a shopping spree.

You can be a part of it at the 70 Charlton SoHo homes, where old-school Downtown glamor meets high-end modern amenities.

From the exterior, you can see that the legendary design firm Beyer Blinder and Belle has paid stainless-steel-and-brick homage to the area’s industrial past. Walk through the large glass doors, and you're greeted by not only a 24-hour doorman but by en vogue marble- and wood-clad fixtures and walls. Past the resident's lounge, you’ll notice, as always, the stunning courtyard, but don’t forget to pick up your flower delivery in the cold storage before you head up the elevator to residence 15A.

Whether you’re coming in from a day at the office or the usual city grind, you’ll instantly become calmer once you pass the threshold into your oak-floored, Workshop/APD-designed home. Enter the foyer and slip off your Zanottis. After you hang up your jacket in the walk-in closet, you can freshen up in the bathroom right off the entryway. Then check to make sure that the two nearby bedrooms are tidy since you never know when company might stop by.

If guests visit, treat them to a snack you can whip up in your well-appointed kitchen. Catch up over a glass of Montepulciano chilled to wine-cellar temp in your built-in wine refrigerator and nibble on tapenade over your Caesarstone Blizzard slab countertops as you wait for the choux pastries to heat up in the Miele oven or for the delivery to arrive.

Once dinner is prepared—by you or someone else—you, and your guests have the option of enjoying the meal in your gracious dining room or dining alfresco on your 342-square-foot, south-facing private terrace. Watch the Downtown lights begin to sparkle as dusk turns to evening.

After dinner is over you can make the master bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in closets your private retreat and unwind by taking a pre-bed plunge into the Zuma soaking tub.