Host with the Most

Hosting a dinner party for friends or family is rarely an effortless endeavor. There’s the planning, shopping, cleaning, prepping, and cooking. And, of course, the atmosphere: candles, flowers, music, drinks, conversation. Yet many of us have witnessed firsthand the host that seems completely unruffled as they deftly julienne carrots and amuse guests with a charming anecdote, pausing only for a sip of wine. Before you know it, the night has passed in a whirl of excellent food and unforgettable discussions.

How do they do it?

A well-appointed kitchen and thoughtfully laid-out dining area help, for starters. And when planning an evening of entertaining, the fortunate people who live in the 70 Charlton residences in West SoHo are able to benefit from the arrangement of each room and the flow between them. Take the entrance, for example. The long, spacious foyers in the apartments at 70 Charlton make for a welcoming entrance for your guests, so there’s ample space for greetings and removing coats and winter sundries.

This open-concept design from the team at Workshop/APD continues its natural flow into the dining and living area. The kitchen opens onto the breakfast bar, so that the host can wash, chop, and sauté without missing out on the best part of the party: the conversation. If the guests aren’t hopping into the kitchen to help, they can chat from their seat at the bar, drink in hand. Meanwhile, all of 70 Charlton’s kitchens, which can be customized in either polished or natural style, are equipped with top-of-the-line Miele appliances, and a built-in Sub-Zero wine storage cabinet is available in some residences. Some dining rooms also open onto a terrace, enabling you and your guests to have a drink outside in the crisp nighttime air.

A key part of planning a dinner party is, of course, the shopping. Residents at 70 Charlton can take advantage of the local favorite Brooklyn Fare, a transplant to Manhattan. With the stated mission to “merge the gourmet with the familiar,” Brooklyn Fare has both high-end organic offerings and an old-fashioned corner-market feel. You can choose from a wide assortment of cheese and fresh produce, along with more hard-to-find items like Scottish salmon steaks caught off the Faroe Islands or fresh pappardelle, handmade right in the store. If you want to forget the planning, just pick up some of their scrumptious premade entrees and make some last-minute invitations by phone on your way out of the door. Sometimes, an impromptu gathering around a roasted chicken and a few baguettes makes for the perfect night in.