The Great Outdoors

When Metropolis featured a piece called “Room for the 21st Century” for their 35th-anniversary issue, they interviewed the field’s leading architects and designers to find out what they thought the city would look and feel like as we move further into the new millennium. It’s no surprise that they interviewed Andrew Kotchen of Workshop APD, the studio responsible for 70 Charlton’s interior design and landscaping. After all, Workshop APD has an ultramodern vision of cities that has often culminated in ingenious “pockets” of the natural world within their structures, as exemplified by the interior park at the 70 Charlton condos in SoHo. This green space takes the concept of the urban garden to new levels of elegance, in total harmony with the building that surrounds it.


70 Charlton’s unique interior courtyard, with its elegantly spaced birch tree arbor and boxwood garden, evokes the much-celebrated forest surrounded by Paris’s Francois-Mitterrand Library, which was designed in the 90s by Dominique Perrault. It also reflects the urban experimentalism of artist Spencer Finch’s Lost Man Creek miniature forest installation, which is currently on view right now in Downtown Brooklyn’s MetroTech Plaza. Perrault, Finch, and Workshop APD know that meticulously designed urban landscapes acquire a magical quality not in spite, but because, of the buildings they are surrounded by.


At 70 Charlton’s condos, the line between indoors and outdoors begins to melt. The privacy of home can still be felt out in the sunshine, under the boughs of a tree, in a dedicated space that is like a jewel box fostering the tranquility of an urban oasis within, and secluded from, the city. And in keeping with this indoor/outdoor theme, 70 Charlton features several apartments with terraces as large as 510 square feet, perfect for gardening, reading among the trees and flowers, and throwing unforgettable parties under the stars.


These lush in-building iterations of Mother Nature dovetail with the building’s other amenities, like the 60-foot indoor saltwater pool, outdoor sports court, and steam room. It isn’t hard to see why 70 Charlton is leading the way to a city where nature is something not to be missed, but experienced, at home, every single day.