When someone visits Manhattan, they are probably not expecting lush landscapes or greenery. Locals, however, will argue that there is much hidden beauty to be discovered among the streets of the concrete jungle. From Central Park to secret gardens, the green of New York City will continually surprise you. For residents of the homes for sale at 70 Charlton, their own oasis awaits with the lush and vibrant courtyard that grows within. These West SoHo homes are a particularly alluring addition to the neighborhood, but there are many other local hot spots where gardens bring the flavor of nature to the urban landscape.

NOMO Kitchen – 9 Crosby Street
Upon arrival at NOMO Kitchen, you will take in a stunning green archway. A perfect scene for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this venue makes diners feel as though they have crossed the Atlantic and are enjoying a meal in an Italian greenhouse. When you are searching for a spot to dine alfresco, but the weather is not agreeing, the decor and ambient sunlight and greens that characterize NOMO Kitchen let you know that it is the place to be. Be sure to remember your camera for some great Instagram moments, and if you stop in early for breakfast, order the lemon ricotta pancakes as a reward.

Crosby Bar – 79 Crosby Street
Up the street from NOMO Kitchen is Crosby Bar—a popular spot for lunch and drinks that we highly recommend for a break from the invigorating SoHo hustle and bustle. The restaurant is bright and fun, and the outside patio and garden provide a great setting to sit back and savor some rosè after (or even before) your next marathon shopping session. If it happens to be raining, but you still want to give the place a go, try the Sunday-night film club. They do an appetizer, cocktail, and film, all for $25.

Ladurée Soho – 398 West Broadway
The beautiful courtyard at Ladurée brings tea and cookies to a whole different stratosphere. The lovely French tea room is hidden behind painted walls that line West Broadway, and once you walk in, you won’t want to leave. Among the marble statues and Chesterfield sofas are delicious macarons and a wide assortment of teas that are a great alternative for an afternoon libation. The patio is open late, so if you are looking for a final treat near the end of a night out, then head to Ladurée Soho for alfresco indulgence under the stars.