Fitness Culture

It’s a new year, and getting in shape and becoming more active are on top of this year’s resolution list. Fortunately, your 70 Charlton condo in SoHo has a fully equipped private fitness center right in the building. Add to that an outdoor sports court and an indoor saltwater swimming pool—all within walking distance of your favorite juice bars—and you’ll quickly see that the 70 Charlton condos are the place to be for anyone who craves an apartment in SoHo, New York, and a healthy start to the new year.

When the hour is late, and the local gym crowds you out of your preferred machines, coming home to a fitness center is a luxury to be treasured. State of-the-art nautilus machines, the latest in stationary cycles, and treadmills with all the bells and whistles to optimize your runs offer a variety of cardio accommodations for any regimen. Multiple fitness stations for weight training and isometric exercises make sure that you’re not just ready to move but toned to the core. Add large screen televisions, a locker room, and a steam room to relax those taxed muscles, and you’ll soon find yourself coming in twice a day to feel the burn.

Or you could trade one of those sessions in the fitness room for a few laps in 70 Charlton’s 60-foot indoor saltwater lap pool. Easier on the eyes and gentler on your body than a standard chlorinated pool, saltwater pools are believed by many to offer unique health benefits such as alleviating stress or soothing disorders of the skin. And for those sensitive to chlorine or who just don’t like the smell, you’ll discover that the experience reignites your passion for swimming. No matter your pool preference, the low-impact exercise benefits of swimming cannot be disputed. What’s more, on those hot summer days when everyone else in the city is looking for the “spot” where they can take a cooling dip after work, you’ll be smiling all the way home, knowing that your release awaits you in your own building.

While a high-quality workout is at the center of any worthwhile fitness plan, there should also be fun, and a dose of mental relaxation, involved. 70 Charlton’s outdoor sports court enables you to get out and simply play. In addition, those with kids will appreciate the children’s playroom, where you can frolic with your little ones: a welcome reprieve for those days when they need to get out of the house, but they can’t go far because of weather or time constraints. What’s more, a landscaped courtyard with a green wall, boxwood garden, and relaxing birch tree arbor will soothe your mind and soul.

When all is said and done, you can retreat to your condo for refreshment or take a short stroll to Juice Generation. Indulge in a variety of smoothies like Supa Dupa Greens, Hail to Kale, or The Professional, a seriously nutrient-dense combo of dark greens and wheatgrass. If you need more than a vitamin-rich pick-me-up, give the acai bowls a try or nibble on some of the best vegan baked goods on the planet. In fact, for a delightful treat that’s also gluten-free and actually does “taste like home,” choose the banana almond butter muffin. You can’t go wrong.