Home Décor

At the 70 Charlton condos, you can think of your apartment as a canvas, primed by the architects at Beyer Blinder Belle and designer Jonathan Adler, upon which you can create your most imaginative vision of home. With the holidays just around the corner, you and yours have the chance to toast the season in comfort and style in spaces touched by design accents and details that transform a room into a gathering place.

 New York design pioneers like John Derian and Jonathan Adler, who have shops near the 70 Charlton SoHo residences, will become the collaborators you need to elevate any celebration to the next level. Like the apartment building itself, these shops showcase home decor and furniture that give a nod to the architectural history of downtown New York and to cutting-edge design internationally. It’s no accident that Adler has created a line of vases, called the Versailles Collection, which evokes a clean modern edge as well as the drawing rooms of kings as we imagine them in fairy tales. The Maze Vase, Hex Vase, and Cube Urn, with their geometric patterns and gold accents, are in equal measure stately and playful. Adler is a master at creating objects that are livable works of art, and his furniture is no exception. His Lampert sofa in silver is perfect for relaxing with a drink after a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast — a piece as cozy as it is evocative of 1940’s Hollywood glamour.

About John Derian, New York Magazine writes, “Stepping into John Derian’s store, you may well feel that you have left the city and are in an antique shop on the rue St. Paul. And then comes another sensation: you want to move in.” Derian’s store is the perfect place to find the most luxurious and creative versions of things you need, like Anke Drechsel’s cushions and throws. You will also discover objects you didn’t know existed, including vintage cat illustration paper weights, which evoke the collages of surrealist artists like Joseph Cornell and will lend your home a festive feeling no matter what time of year it is.

The Apartment by The Line brings cutting-edge design sense not only to its wares, but to the space in which they are sold. On SoHo’s Greene Street, the shop is literally a carefully decorated apartment that represents the gestalt of an entire aesthetic. Walking into the space is like full immersion into design possibility, which will make it the perfect place to shop for presents, after, of course, you’ve transformed your apartment at 70 Charlton into a wonderland for all the festivities, and for all the years to come.