Bringing Date Night to 70 Charlton

Bringing Date Night to 70 Charlton

Date night is a simple joy: you, someone special, and a bit of activity that allows you to spend time devoted to enjoying one another’s company. While we all love to be wined and dined, date night can quickly take a toll on both your energy and your creativity. Luckily for you, the 70 Charlton residences provide the perfect place to enjoy date night: the comfy confines of your own home.

So, how can you make the most of a date night at these apartments in SoHo, New York? Have good food on hand and it’s hard to go wrong. When you’re staying in, you have two choices: Make it yourself or carry it in. Read on for our tips and suggestions on great date night eats.

Home Cooking Done Right
SoHo is home to some of the finest gourmet grocers in the entire city. For the perfect palette of fresh foods and delicacies from which to create a culinary masterpiece for a certain someone, head over to Gourmet Garage. Founded in 1981 to supply NYC restaurateurs with the finest of ingredients, they’ve since moved on to make it possible for everyone to “shop like a chef” by opening their doors to the general public via multiple retail locations. Of course, you’ll still spot culinary masters stocking their home kitchens with the goods on the shelves. Take your time there. Choose from a sumptuous selection of cheeses to nibble with your sweetheart before your main course. Then, pick a few prime cuts of meat for the entrée, and head back to your flat for a fabulous feast prepared by your own loving hands.

If you’re not a chef, or you’re just not feeling up to putting together an entire meal from scratch, make your way to Raffetto’s. There, you’ll find an extensive selection of fresh handmade pastas and an equally impressive stock of sauces to match. If you have two pots and the ability to boil water, your evening is set. Grab a generous helping of tagliatelle and a batch of Bolognese for a classic Italian dinner sure to please. Or, for a more daring and dramatic combination, try the black squid ink linguine and the white clam sauce. Whatever you choose, you’ll be about 15 minutes from the finest meal made with the greatest of ease to the phenomenal delight of your date.

Carry In and Carry On
Where to start with carryout in SoHo? While the choices seem limitless, for a date night in, we prefer to keep it casual. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fine food from a fine establishment, though. And no matter where you get your meal, you can take the food from its containers and plate it with the same delicacy and care as the master chef who prepared it in the restaurant. But where to order from?

Start with someplace you already love, like La Esquina. Sure, it’s incredibly casual, but it’s also delicious and fast. Bring it home quickly and savor the intimacy of discussing your week with your favorite person over the most comfortable of comfort food. For us, that means a few orders of tacos pescado made with grilled mahi, cabbage, salsa verde, chipotle mayo, and red onion, alongside a few bowls of tortilla soup.

If a flick and few glasses of wine are a part of the plan, then pizza must be in the mix, too. But don’t settle for just any pie. Indulge in one of Champion Pizza’s grandma pizzas (you know: the square ones with the thin and crunchy crust) made with love by a devoted staff using only the freshest ingredients. Oh, and for that perfect vintage to mark the perfect night, stop by Vin des Amis. Their selection is second to none, and the staff knows their stuff.