Relaxing South of Houston: A Guide to SoHo’s Finest Spas

Relaxing South of Houston: A Guide to SoHo’s Finest Spas

The holiday season is upon us, and while the luxury SoHo apartments for sale at 70 Charlton are perfect for hosting a Thanksgiving feast or welcoming in the new year, you’ll certainly want to set aside a little alone time before the family arrives. Fortunately, SoHo is home to many of the finest spas in the city, meaning that 70 Charlton is just blocks away from some of the best relaxation and rejuvenation money can buy. Here’s a guide to the spas around SoHo that we’re dreaming of this holiday season:

A Relaxing Oasis
Just a block to the east of Washington Square Park is Haven Spa, one of SoHo’s most stylish day spas. Haven’s rough stone walls and starry ceiling create a relaxing mood while the spa’s staff of professional estheticians provide services from massages to mani/pedis. Customers with limited time will love Haven’s Mini Escapes, which are 30-minute treatments that focus on one specific area — toes only today, please! — for a reduced fee. If you have a whole day to spend at the spa, try Haven’s Spoil Me Rotten package for six full hours of SoHo-style pampering.

Taking the Plunge
For a different angle on the spa experience, head down Houston from 70 Charlton and you’ll end up at Great Jones Spa, which features a suite of classic aquatic spa features arranged around a three-story indoor waterfall. Sweat out the toxins in the river rock sauna before taking a refreshing dip in the cold-plunge pool. Other features, like the Jacuzzi and the eucalyptus steam room, are perfect for relaxing sore muscles and giving your immune system a little boost before the holidays. Great Jones Spa also offers Hydrofacial MD, a specialized, multistep cleansing process that exfoliates and replenishes the skin with vital nutrients.

A Personal Touch
Just north of 70 Charlton you’ll find Take Care, where estheticians Sarah Clark, Kathleen Adams, and Sadie Adams pride themselves on providing some of the city’s most gentle and reinvigorating skin care treatments. They use high-tech innovations like microcurrents and LED lights to provide noninvasive and nonthermal facials that heal and rejuvenate skin. Take Care’s staff is dedicated to providing customers with the right services for their individual bodies, and repeat customers often find themselves building a friendly relationship with one of the spa’s professionals.

Nailing Those Nails
While hydrotherapy and full-body massages are certainly a treat, sometimes you just need a perfect manicure. That’s where Jinsoon comes in. Housed in an immaculate salon south of Canal Street, Jinsoon is the pinnacle of the mani/pedi experience. From high-end brands of nail polish to rose-infused soaking baths, your fingers and toes have never had such personalized treatment. If you’re in need of a fresh set of nails and a relaxing retreat from your everyday routine, make an appointment at Jinsoon.