Around the Block

Whether you're hankering for a quick (but luxurious) cappuccino on the way into the office or a lavish present for in-laws who've just announced a last-minute visit, the cafes, stores, and boutiques around 70 Charlton will furnish you with exactly what you desire. Join us as we peruse the delights and must-haves for sale in your neighborhood.  

Whitney Museum Shop |99 Gansevoort Street

While the Whitney itself will become a regular cultural haunt for anyone living in this part of SoHo, the gallery's gift shop is a veritable gold mine of presents—well thought-out, last-minute or otherwise. Impress the in-laws with a framed Demuth or Hopper print or pick up an Alexander Calder coffee table tome for a good friend. You can even find wonderful little treats for people's kids, including rainbow twirlers, shakin' eggs, and cool cartoony reward stickers. Guaranteed to make you the most popular adult of the moment.

Joe Coffee |141 Waverly Place

Need a punchy cup of joe to spur you into action in the morning? Joe Coffee doesn't just brew your average cappuccino—this is fair trade, sustainable, self-roasted joy in a cup. Select a single origin coffee from the board and relax in the cool surroundings of this laid-back store. If the weather's clement, perch on a bench on the small leafy terrace outside. Otherwise, sip your brew while strolling through nearby Washington Square. What a fine start to the day!

Angelica Flowers & Events |436 Hudson Street

"There is nothing I love more than working with flowers. To me they are the most beautiful things on earth": the words of Angelica Gomes, the mastermind of Angelica Flowers & Events. Whether it's a centerpiece for a dinner party at your 70 Charlton condo or a spray of orchids for a visiting friend, this boutique florist blossoms with all manner of imaginative and bespoke flower arrangements. Order yours online; then pick them up on the way back to your condo. It'll make someone's day.

Fab SoHo Showroom |151 Wooster Street

Warhol-style perfume candles; snazzy instant cameras; vintage prints; Bauhaus puzzles. If you're struggling to come up with last-minute gift ideas, Fab SoHo Showroom essentially does the hard work for you. While the “I Love You Mom” map puzzle solves all that fretting over Mother's Day, the Moskito app-enabled model plane will entertain the kids old and young, and the calico cat sake set will bring a huge grin to the face of cat lovers. This is one of those New York stores that you'll want to take back to your condo in its entirety.

Flour Shop |177 Lafayette Street

If you have a sweet tooth—and a penchant for vivid colors—a visit to Flour Shop is tantamount to dying and going to heaven. From the six-layer rainbow cake to adorable unicorn cupcakes, to gold peanut butter cake balls, this is one boutique where you're guaranteed to find that something extra special for that someone extra special in your life. Cakes can be custom-tailored to your whims and desires: from the theme to the size, to the flavor of the icing, this will be exactly what you need to make the party go off with a delicious bang.