Saltwater Swims

Having a private pool in New York City may seem like the ultimate luxury, but a saltwater pool takes that luxury to a whole other level. Health-conscious people have long known that saltwater pools are not only better for your body but also emotionally therapeutic. The pleasure of a morning swim at the pool at the 70 Charlton condos will not only be refreshing but will give you the feeling that you’ve just stepped out of your private spa.

From the Roman baths to California hot springs, people have placed such a high value on bathing and swimming that “good-for-you” waters became social and recreational bedrocks of many cultures. The advent of chlorine has made swimming safer, but the side effects of chlorine mean that the visceral feeling of contact with the water can be irritating rather than soothing.

Now, with the perfection of saltwater pool systems, bathers in pools like the elegant 60’ stunner at 70 Charlton can get the best of both worlds and return to the days when this kind of "bathing" was a daily ritual, enlivening to both the body and the soul.

According to Livestrong, these benefits can be attributed to the fact that in saltwater pools, “salt is always present, and the system generates chlorine disinfectant compounds continuously. The steady supply of chlorine helps to avoid buildup of chloramines or byproducts of the disinfection process. Chloramines or chlorine compounds cause many of the symptoms commonly associated with chemically treated pools, such as eye and lung irritation." The saltwater is also much gentler on your skin and joints.

Free of the side effects of chlorine, the pool at 70 Charlton will become a go-to spot for exercise and relaxation and will enhance the feeling that you are living in one of the most thoughtfully designed buildings in New York. The saltwater pool is one of the many ways that the SoHo apartments for sale at 70 Charlton will provide you unparalleled health and luxury, so that you’re always able to recharge—and enjoy Downtown NYC, and your home in the heart of it, to the fullest.