A Splash of Color in SoHo

A Splash of Color in SoHo

On days when the slate-gray sky hangs over the city, threatening flurries, it’s natural to start craving the colors of spring. But residents of the Soho apartments for sale at 70 Charlton don’t have to wait for warmer days to get their color fix, thanks to the lively new pop-up exhibit in the neighborhood: The Color Factory. Just a three-minute walk from the 70 Charlton condos, The Color Factory is a surefire cure for the winter blues (and the grays, too). Here are some of the reasons why we love our new, colorful neighbor.

 For starters, the exhibit was inspired by the colors of the city. New York City is arguably the most vibrant city in the world, so there was plenty of inspiration from which to draw. The Color Factory first gained fame in 2017 as a modest pop-up exhibit in San Francisco. It quickly surpassed expectations, going viral across social media platforms, offering a take on the city that was as stimulating as it was fun. Not content to coast on their West Coast success, the folks behind The Color Factory have started over, this time in Soho. Rather than recycling exhibits from San Francisco, The Color Factory started from scratch, turning to local artists to help create brand-new participatory installations of colors we’ve collected around the city,” and exhibitions that aim to “connect you to the colorful moments around New York and in your own daily life.” The celebration of things we often take for granted is what makes this exhibition special. It’s a chance to connect with our own experiences right here at home.

Here’s another reason to love The Color Factory: You can touch and interact with many of the exhibitions. In fact, touching is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. If you spent the early winter wandering around stuffy, hands-off museums, The Color Factory will be a welcome change of pace. Online magazine Bustle noted that the rooms are “aggressively hands-on,” with invitations to “pop balloons, break it down on a dance floor, and even lie on your back and spin on a Technicolor table.”

 While The Color Factory welcomes all ages, it feels like a playground for grownups. A bright conveyor belt that delivers multicolored macaroons to guests looks like it came straight out of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and a pink, glittering, disco-themed dance floor lights up while you bust a move. In another room, a decision flowchart prompts you to take different paths with questions like “Have you encountered a ghost? (Friendly or otherwise?)” until you find your way to your own “secret color.”

 In many reviews, The Color Factory is described as “Instagrammable.” Indeed, it would feel criminal to float in the exhibit’s massive, sky-blue ball pit without snapping a few photos of yourself and your friends for the world to see. The backgrounds are irresistible. It may come as a surprise, then, that you can journey through The Color Factory without your phone. This is thanks to cameras strategically placed throughout the space. Simply register your phone number and let the museum snap your pictures for you. The pics will shoot straight to your phone or email, so you can post them later. This means you can spend less time fiddling with your phone and more time immersed in the brilliant colors of New York City.