Organization is Key

Make this year all about organization and efficiency. Enjoy the open interior of your 70 Charlton condo to the fullest by storing all of your belongings as neatly as possible and by stashing away things you don’t use often. Let the sleek lines of your apartment in Soho New York be your inspiration to a more streamlined approach to storage.

Kick off your quest to curate your home with a trip to a few local spots for necessary supplies, including storage containers, labels for those containers, or even furniture, and get ready to categorize your home. If it has been awhile since your last deep dive into your belongings, invite a friend to reminisce over a bottle of champagne as you thumb through those boxes of old photos or forgotten outfits at the back of your closet. Who said that organization needs to be a chore? Make it an event and make it fun.

While there are a variety of stationery stores in the neighborhood, Moleskine is a standout. They offer a nearly infinite array of practical items that will not only help you get your stuff (particularly your thoughts) in order, but that are also modern and fun. Sure, you can clear that cluttered desk by stuffing everything into a drawer, only to wonder what became of your keys. Or you can keep it all in a sleek, new leather bag that’s packed and ready to go whenever you are. Add to this a limited-edition notebook with themes ranging from Looney Tunes to Monopoly, and a classic roller pen in your choice of colors so you can jot down and keep those reminders, ideas, and plans you collect during the day. If a smartphone is all you need, pick a case to suit your taste — and that bag — and you’ll be on your way.

While the convenience of a digitized world has only bettered the already efficient spaces of the modern urban home, there’s still that stack of assorted physical media you’ll never let go of. Whether it’s family photos, a treasured record collection, or those antique children’s books that have been in your family for generations, they all need someplace to live that’s both safe for their storage and easy to access. Find just the right piece of furniture at Design Within Reach. Choose a contemporary slat-finished credenza or sideboard, or possibly a buffet to serve the functions of both. Design Within Reach also carries a full line of baskets and boxes in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes to accommodate all of your needs. Indulge in their unique, yet highly functional, collection of desktop trays and organizers that go beyond boring bookends and wire in-out boxes. Splurge on a stylish wine bar and move those bottles to their own dedicated and proper space. Speaking of which…

Don’t let your home organization project fall to the level of drudgery we often assign to spring cleaning. Instead, take some time on your way home from gathering your containers and labels to invest in a bottle or two of your favorite vintages. We suggest a stop at Vin des Amis to browse the shop’s carefully curated collection of the best natural wines from around the world. Most are crafted by small producers from ingredients that minimize artificial manipulation or the use of chemicals. All of these wines offer a story of their own, including the chance to learn about their origins the people who make them. They also offer a bit of festive refreshment for you and a companion as you sort and winnow through the accumulated objects that form the story of your life — a story whose latest chapter takes place in your home at 70 Charlton.