The ARRIVALS Have Arrived: A SoHo Pop-Up Shop

The ARRIVALS Have Arrived: A SoHo Pop-Up Shop

It’s no secret that street fashion is alive and well in Soho. Walk the streets of this vibrant neighborhood during the warmer months, and you’ll see its well-dressed, effortlessly cool denizens wandering in and out of cafes, boutiques, and cocktail bars. But when the temperature drops and the sky unleashes a torrent of sleet, even the most dedicated fashionistas will choose staying warm and dry over looking impeccable. Thankfully, you can leave the days of choosing function over beauty behind you, thanks to an innovative outerwear brand that’s changing the way we think about dressing during the colder months. The Arrivals, a direct-to-consumer line of designer coats and jackets, has landed in Soho, just a quick walk from the 70 Charlton condos. So, does The Arrivals live up to the hype? The short answer: yes.

 The thought of applying architectural design techniques to clothing might seem counterintuitive, but it’s precisely that departure from the norm that makes The Arrivals so special. Jeff Johnson, co-founder of the company, spent most of his career designing buildings and spaces, but perhaps unsurprisingly, he found many intersections between architecture and fashion. In a recent interview with Vogue, he rattled off the list of considerations the two have in common: “What is the starting function, what is the material you’re going to work with, what is the silhouette, what is the construction going to take, what are the elements involved, what is the hardware like…” You get the idea. The result of Johnson’s architecturally minded approach is a collection of coats built to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional — the kind of coat you can wear “out there,” as the brand bills itself.

 In a period when fast fashion is putting an incredible strain on the planet’s resources, investing in high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time is more important than ever. Take, for example, the Moya III. This leather jacket, inspired by the classic leather moto, has garnered a following among celebrities, showing up on the Instagram feeds of figures like Gigi Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian. The jacket adds unique details that distinguish it from the classic moto, such as the belted collar, sleeve, and waist. But what truly makes the Moya III worth adding to your wardrobe is its staying power. In a recent Business Insider review, Mara Leighton noted that while the style is timeless, the jacket is also built to last: “The leather will grow softer and more personalized with character as the years pass, and the shearling will continue to feel soft and lived-in.” Like a good bottle of wine, the jacket only gets better with time. Bonus: It’s warm enough to wear in severe weather, so you can exchange your shapeless down coat for the Moya III and brave the elements in style.

 The pop-up shop is brimming with the fun, high-tech spirit The Arrivals is known for. The shop itself is a collaboration with British technology company Dyson, and as such, includes a bouncy castle in a beguiling, dusty shade of pink, powered by Dyson hair dryers. Guests are met with a rush of warm air — a welcome greeting after stepping in from the slushy street. With any luck, the walk back to the apartments in Soho, New York, will be a lot cozier.

Image courtesy of © The ARRIVALS