The CAMP Experience

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon? How about a day of indulging your inner child by wandering through a fantastic collection of cool stuff — sports equipment, games, arts and crafts supplies, and more? Then take a day trip to CAMP, a place with something entertaining and exciting for everyone who walks in the door. Located just north of the 70 Charlton Soho luxury residences, it’s the newest shopping experience to hit NYC. This lively and exhilarating spot is certainly worth the short jaunt uptown!

Sure, at first glance, CAMP looks like just another toy store — an incredibly funky toy store — with a wide assortment of games, toys, books, and clothes. But just beyond all the merch is a passageway into a whole other world. Ask one of the counselors (the helpful store associates) to show you where it is, and they’ll gladly take you through a secret door that leads down to an even more secret path to the Base Camp, which is a spectacular indoor experiential store and play area.

Awaiting you there is over 10,000 square feet of retail curated into an area — all mapped out for your convenience — reminiscent of your favorite summer camp. Check out the map and look for signs to point you to the canteen, the mess hall, or even the Campitheater stage. No matter which section you visit, you’ll find it full of the coolest array of toys and other fun things that aren’t just for sale, but are meant to be played with. There’s plenty that you’ll want to buy, but the counselors who roam the space encourage everyone to step beyond browsing and get to doing. Play is, after all, a major part of what CAMP is about. Best of all, the visitor experience isn’t just a one-time thing. Every eight to 12 weeks, the installation is rebuilt. According to the store, “That means we change all of the things you will do, see, and learn at CAMP” so that each new visit brings new adventures.

Then, there are the friendly, eager counselors who are there to guide you through the experience — and who are enjoying themselves as much as everyone else. They’ve all been brought on to work here for their unique skills that complement the many facets of CAMP. Don’t be surprised to see one pick up a guitar to sing songs around the “campfire” or even find a group of them caroling come Christmastime.

Make certain to plan a visit around one of the store’s special featured activities. Make paper bag puppets or your own tambourine. Get silly at improv with Counselor Marc or make your own merit badge to reward someone special for a worthy accomplishment. Camp movement and yoga, campfire storytime, animal masks, and so much more are available. With such a variety, this will soon become your go-to indoor spot for rainy days — or any day at all.

 After a few hours of fun and shopping, take a break at Milk Bar for a sweet treat. Open daily, Milk Bar serves up the classics like Crack Pie and B’day Truffles. Try their exclusive CAMP-themed sundae. Need a little pick-me-up? Try the Counter Culture Coffee. Just be sure to bring a credit card along: CAMP is cashless and even offers a few special extras for those using a MasterCard.

CAMP is in session now. And it’s all just a few blocks away from the 70 Charlton luxury residences.