The Nostalgia of Eating Cookie DŌ

The Nostalgia of Eating Cookie DŌ

There are few culinary activities as universally nostalgic as baking cookies — and, yes, that includes licking the spoon. For many, childhood memories of “helping” in the kitchen include clumsy attempts at measurement, a chance to try your hand at cracking eggs, sneaking a handful of chocolate chips, and pestering your parents to hand over that mixing spoon. Despite knowing the risks of eating raw eggs and flour, we’ve all done it. Many of us consider a few bites of unbaked cookie dough even better than eating a gooey, fresh-from-the-oven cookie. Yet, that nagging fear of harmful bacteria (and the stomachache that can result from ingesting them) has probably stopped you from consuming much more than a few errant blobs during cleanup. Now, thanks to , your guilty pleasure is guilty no more. Just a short walk from the 70 Charlton luxury residences, this cookie dough confectionery is serving up over a dozen flavors of raw, safe-to-eat cookie dough.

 It was the forbidden lure of raw cookie dough that started DŌ founder Kristen Tomlan on her journey. As a child, she was drawn to baking. She says that for her, “the best part of making cookies is, and always has been, the pure, dough-ey goodness of the unbaked cookie.” Her love for cookie dough stayed with her as she grew, through her years attending design school and working as a brand consultant. And then, one night, she was on a ladies’ weekend trip in Philadelphia, when the cookie dough craving struck. The group swung by a cookie shop and bypassed the freshly baked cookies for a tub of the dough. The dough was meant to be baked, of course, but the friends “passed around the tub, loving every bite and laughing about the lack of cookie dough designed solely for eating in its pure form.” Thus, the idea for DŌ was born.

 By using pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour, DŌ avoids the risks of ingesting harmful bacteria without sacrificing any of the smooth, sugary taste of cookie dough. Because of this, the little shop quickly gained a following of dough lovers, leading to write-ups everywhere from People to Time.

You can be a minimalist and try your dough by the scoop, enjoying the decadence of eating as much of it as you please. Or, be fancy and try an Ice Cream SandŌwich, which comes with Blue Marble Cookie Do ice cream pressed between two layers of chocolate chip dough. The Cookie Bomb features a cookie stuffed with your choice of filling and topped with cookie dough buttercream frosting. The flavors cover all the bases, from the classic Chocolate Chip to Fluffernutter and Oatmeal M&M.

Luckily for us, Tomlan isn’t stingy with her baking secrets. In fact, DŌ offers classes as part of the adorably named Cookie AcaDŌmy, where you can find out how to whip up your own batch of delicious, safe-to-eat cookie dough. The Cookie Dough 101 class is just what it sounds like — a chance to learn the fundamentals of making safely edible dough. Along with your newfound skills, you’ll also leave the class with a spatula, a box of cookies, and two eight-ounce containers of your own dough. Call up some friends and head to the BYOB class (21+), or make it a date at the Couples Class — either way, you’ll get your sweet tooth fix and have a little fun, too.

There’s not much room inside DŌ to sit down and eat, so you may want to take your treat to go and head over to Washington Square Park. From there, it’s only a quick walk home to the 70 Charlton apartments in SoHo New York.

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