Treat Yourself to Fresh, Healthy Food in SoHo

Treat Yourself to Fresh, Healthy Food in SoHo

There’s no disputing the many health benefits of regular exercise. Lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart disease, improved concentration, and better sleep are just a few of the well-documented results of a rigorous exercise routine. Life at the 70 Charlton for-sale residences includes access to a modern, top-of-the-line fitness studio and pool, so residents can seamlessly integrate exercise into their daily lives. But when it comes to being truly fit, exercise is only part of the equation. Refueling your body with nutritious, healthy food is key if you want to make the most of your workout. Luckily for residents of apartments in Soho New York, the neighborhood is brimming with cafes and shops dedicated to serving fresh, clean food. Here are our favorite places in Soho to find a nourishing, post-workout treat.

Dig Inn | 70 Prince Street
Part of clean eating involves knowing where your ingredients come from, and that’s something the folks at Dig Inn keep at the heart of their business. In fact, in 2017, the chain purchased over 2 million pounds of fruits and vegetables from farmers within a 300-mile radius of their restaurants, according to their website. We all know that locally sourced ingredients put less pressure on the environment and help support the work of local farmers, but the truth is that these ingredients tend to taste better, too. Don’t believe us? Try one of Dig Inn’s popular Marketbowls, like the Grilled Organic Tofu Marketbowl, a vegan option that comes with roasted onions, pickled pepper relish, and pesto. Bonus: It’s also gluten-free.

Juice Press | 156 Prince Street
When it comes to juice, you have to be careful. Added sugar and preservatives are some of the more heinous culprits you’ll find in certain bottled juices, which make for an overly sweet and ultimately unhealthy drink. But when juice is done right, it’s highly nutritious and rich in vitamins — a fact the folks behind Juice Press understand. Their juices are both organic and cold-pressed, which means no nutritional value is lost during the juicing process. Ward off colds and other illnesses with drinks like the Ginger Fireball, which is packed with known immunity-boosting ingredients, such as orange, lemon, ginger, cayenne powder, oil of oregano, and Proviotic, the chain’s own vegan probiotic. Down it, and you’ll leave the shop feeling like a fiery superhero.

Dr. Smood | 470 Broome Street
Promoting good health is the main focus of Dr. Smood, an all-organic health food cafe that promises “organic performance foods and juice programs backed by science for optimal performance, body, and mind.” Despite the somewhat clinical description and name, the food here is anything but dispassionate. Vibrant, nutritious ingredients are combined in ways that sing. A neighborhood favorite is the Quinoa Tandoori Masala Salad, which stars a long list of nutrient-rich characters, including quinoa, spinach, pine nuts, cranberries, coconut oil, cumin, green onion, turmeric, tandoori masala, nutmeg, and Himalayan salt, among others. The result is a veritable explosion of flavor on your palate, and a meal that won’t leave you feeling weighed down or lethargic. In fact, the combination of vegetables, grains, nuts, and spices is likely to boost your mood and your energy. The best part? It’s all just a quick walk from your 70 Charlton Soho residences.

 Image courtesy of © Dr Smood