Films Al Fresco, Near 70 Charlton

Films Al Fresco, Near 70 Charlton

There is perhaps no better movie theater than one with the sky for its roof, night breezes for air con, and your own homemade picnic for snacking. Films on the Green arrives in New York City this summer. Here, we look ahead to screenings in Washington Square Park — a mere hop skip and jump from the luxury residences at 70 Charlton — as well as events in a few other green spots in and near the city.

What is Films on the Green?
Put simply, it’s an outdoor film festival that comes to NYC’s parks each summer, showcasing amazing French — and other foreign language — cinema. (Don’t worry, it’s all subtitled.) The collaboration among the French Embassy in the U.S., FACE Foundation, and NYC Parks is now in its 12th year. This time, the theme is “Women Behind the Camera,” a tribute to the feminist filmmaker, Agnès Varda, who was one of the pioneers of the French New Wave. We’re sad to say that she passed away earlier this year, so this is the perfect way to remember her legacy.

What’s On in Washington Square Park?
The closest screening to 70 Charlton is at Washington Square Park. “In Safe Hands (Pupille)” caused a stir on its release last year. The drama, directed by Jeanne Herry, follows an abandoned baby, Théo, as he’s put through the social services system. Sandrine Kiberlain plays a social service officer, while Élodie Bouchez is Alice, a lady who has always dreamed of being a mother. Anyone who has a heart will struggle to keep the tears at bay. Start your weekend with this eye-opening tearjerker, and learn a thing or two along the way. On the short walk back to your apartment, you may need to call in at one of the Soho bars, to discuss the movie over a stiff drink.

What’s On Close to the 70 Charlton Luxury Residences?
Tompkins Square Park is only a bit more than a 30-minute stroll from 70 Charlton — and an ideal spot for a picnic in front of the big screen. The park will be screening two films this summer. On July 5, it’s “Tomboy,” the story of a 10-year-old girl (played by Zoé Héran), who has been mistaken for a boy by a group of neighborhood children, and ends up assuming the identity of “Michael.” (Again, prepare to have your heartstrings tugged.) The other screening is an animated film: “Aya of Yop City” plays on July 12, and focuses on a working-class neighborhood in the Ivory Coast during the 1970s. It’s a movie that is powerful enough to instantly transport you away from Soho and into another world and decade.

What’s on in the Rest of New York City?
All across town, pockets of green space will glow with al fresco cinema screens, as Films on the Green takes hold. On our must-see list are: “The Amazing Catfish” (July 10 in J. Hood Wright Park), an upbeat Spanish comedy-drama about a mother of four extremely lively children; and “Sequins” (July 19 at 70th Street Pier), the heartwarming tale of an unlikely friendship between a pregnant teen and an embroiderer. And you mustn’t miss “Jacquot de Nantes,” a feel-good film about family loyalty and artistic passion. Screening on Aug. 31 at Jack Alter Fort Lee Community Center, in Fort Lee, N.J., the film was directed by Agnès Varda — the inspiration behind this year’s festival. Raise a plastic beaker of wine to her memory.