Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe In, Breathe Out

The nonstop nature of the metropolitan lifestyle is a given for New Yorkers. It’s the pulse that drives everything in this, the city that truly never sleeps. Gleefully, we feed on it, for it’s in NYC that things happen — where “the new” arises and takes flight. But that energy needs recharging from time to time, and fortunately, there’s a convenient place to do that close to the Soho apartments for sale at 70 Charlton. Starting in September, you can stop by the C.J. Yao Art Gallery after work for a relaxing meditation session led by practitioners from Purify Karma Dharma Center.

The gallery is the perfect place to indulge in this guided experience — it is a space unlike any other. A preeminent painter from the Taiwanese scene, C.J. Yao was renowned in Surrealist circles in the 70s. But his style evolved to encompass hyperrealist representations of classic urban scenes. His work takes you on a journey beyond the everyday New York that you’d recognize from your commute and deep into a dreamscape of intense colors and pronounced lines. There may be no place better to refocus yourself on the city while distracting yourself from the city.

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to visit the gallery on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. to enjoy free “After Work Meditation Sessions.” If you’ve ever “felt as if the world were caving in on you,” “questioned existence,” or even just felt uncentered or ungrounded, these sessions are exactly what you need. Newcomers will learn the basics of meditation; those more practiced will find solace in meditating with a focused group. The sessions will be led by the Purify Karma Dharma Center’s lead practitioners: Lisa Lin Ying and Bess Fung.

Of course, if you’re looking for more, your journey need not be limited to just one night a week. The Purify Karma Dharma Center offers free tours throughout the week, and their staff will be happy to assist you with your personal needs and pursuits. Just contact the center for more information. Located in the heart of Soho (the C.J. Yao Gallery and the center are both located at 66 Greene Street), they’re close to all manner of art exhibitions and cultural events, offering further opportunities to indulge in both the spiritual and the aesthetic.

For beginners and the well-practiced alike, the afterwork meditation sessions offered by C.J. Yao Art Gallery and Purify Karma Dharma Center are an excellent opportunity to get in a midweek revitalization session. You can simply walk in to join a session, but it’s better to register in advance so the center will have some idea of how many people to expect. Be sure to arrive early to enjoy snacks and get to know the others in the group.

Relaxation is yours, just steps from the 70 Charlton Soho condos. Come by and see what it’s all about.